If you are having issue with removing hair from your body maybe due to its texture or the rate at which it grows back, well today is your lucky day.

There is an all new product specially for the ladies to help you with any hair discomfort. I give you EPILATIX LASER an electrical hair removal device known to remove hair safely and grants you smooth and efficient long lasting effect.

What is EpilatiX Laser?

EpilatiX Laser is a modern epilator for women particularly. It is a lightweight, cordless, electrical device used to remove hair from the skin. EpilatiX Laser gives you a clean, quick, smooth and efficient hair removal with its electric razor. It is ideal for any hair texture.

In addition, it is highly affordable compared to other shaving gadget in the market. It’s made out of light and resistant materials, when handheld it feel so light and also built for impact in case it falls off your hand.

Its battery life last for a long time so you don’t need to worry about charging all the time. You can use this device anywhere anytime to get rid of pesky hair.

Also by using this Epilator you’ll experience lesser hair growth rate in the regions you don’t want them. This is because it takes these hair from the root there by delaying the growth. With EpilatiX Laser hair remover you’ll always have a smooth skin.

EpilatiX Laser

About EpilatiX Laser

EpilatiX Laser is a handheld, light weighted, cordless electrical hair removal device that works effectively on any type of hair texture.

Now, let me tell you one of the reasons why women pick EpilatiX Laser hair remover over any other hair removal techniques.

The reason is that most hair removal techniques find it hard to remove very little hair growth from the skin effectively the way EpilatiX Laser does it.

This is because does tiny hairs can’t be waxed out easily, it takes time not to talk of not doing it completely well. Most skincare professionals will tell you to let the hair grow more so that the wax can get a grip on the hair. But visible hair in areas you don’t want them can spoil looks.

Also, shaving can be the worst technique to use on little hair because you might be forced to go over the same spot over and over again.

This is because this hair sometimes lie against the skin so the blade can’t reach it, by going over the same spot, you might risk breaking the skin or clogging the pore which will result to painful inflammation in a few days.

The solution to all these problem is simple, with EpilatiX Laser, little stubborn hair is no match for this Epilator. This device plugs the hair from its root leaving you with an unbroken and smooth skin.

How To Use EpilatiX Laser

Firstly, you’ll need to exfoliate your skin for best result. By exfoliating your skin, you have made things easier for you and the device.

Exfoliation removes dead cells and prevents in-growth of hair. Also leaves your pores open making it easy for your hair to be plugged out with less pain or no pain at all.

EpilatiX Laser may work similar to waxing, but there is no use for wax. Begin by positioning the device to an angle of 90-degree to your skin, do not press down on skin. Rather hold it loosely against your skin, and slowly move this device in the direction of hair growth.

Who Needs This Device

People who react to razor blades, or develop skin allergies on using hair removal cream. I say you need to try out ”EpilatiX Laser” an electrical device used to remove hair from its root.

They are many ways a person can get rid of hair, but you’ll learn through experience that some methods are much better that the others. Hair removal cream, Waxing, plucking, shaving, tweezing can all remove hair from the skin, but the outcome can be less agreeing with.

Hopefully, none of these methods work well enough for you, you might want to try an epilator. This epilator is an electric device that removes hair from the roots.

When using an epilator for the first time it can be a little bit painful, removing hair from the root can be painful especially in sensitive areas.

The more you epilate, the lesser pain you’ll experience. Razor blades remove hair from the surface of the skin which grows back within 3 days not to mention risking clogging your pores with dirt.

However, EpilatiX Laser uproots the hair from its root giving you 3 to 4 weeks before you begin to see visible hair. This depends how fast your hair growth is too.

In addition, there are no risk in clogging your pores when using this method in removing hair. EpilatiX Laser give you a smooth and effective clean shave.

Benefits Of EpilatiX Laser

  • One of the benefits of using EpilatiX Laser hair removal is that you’ll get smoother skin, that last longer than other hair removal methods like tweezing, shaving, waxing etc.
  • when using an Epilator, it results in lesser body hair over time. By using this method of removing hair, your hair grows afresh from its root softer and finer.
  • The longer you epilate, you’ll begin to notice lesser hair growth around the area you don’t want hair to be.
  • Waxing pains but people enjoy it, also epilation pains too but it does a far more better job than waxing.
  • EpilatiX Laser is ideal for removing short hair from the skin, compared to some other methods of removing hair.
  • When using EpilatiX Laser hair removal you can expect a long term result. Hair growth speed varies from person to person, but you should know that your skin will be smooth and fresh for more than 2 weeks. This is because removing hair from the roots take them longer time to re-grow.
EpilatiX Laser

Special Features Of EpilatiX Laser

  • Great Portability and compactness : EpilatiX Laser hair remover is lightweight, cordless and portable. With this device you can remove your hair anywhere, anytime. It is eco-friendly.
  • Good battery life : This epilatiX Laser is built with a long lasting battery so you don’t have to worry about charging it all the time.
  • Adaptable head : The manufactures designed EpilatiX Laser with adaptable head to give remove hair from any area of the body no matter how narrow it may be.
  • Latest generation head : With this EpilatiX Laser head you get a smoother shave on any type of skin, it also has an adjustable head up to 5 heights for better hair shaver.


  • EpilatiX Laser is easy to use.
  • It is very portable, you can take it with you anywhere.
  • EpilatiX Laser has a very good battery life.
  • It removes hair from narrow and sensitive area of the skin without causing any irritation.


  • EpilatiX Laser can only be purchased online.
  • You might experience pain when using an epilator, waxing is also painful but people do enjoy using it.


This is an ideal product for the ladies. Instead of spending so much money in a skincare therapy session, do yourself a favor and get one of this device for you or a friend.

Who know this could be the perfect gift for a birthday or anniversary. With EpilatiX Laser, you’ll never have to worry about removing hair from your body and look your best.

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