Explore Air Drone Review

Have you flown a drone? Okay, maybe you haven’t. Well, you need to try it out. Drones are turning out to be very valuable for nature lovers and professionals in filming, surveying, photography, and even for security purposes. Looking for a less expensive drone that gives you all the experience of a drone and more.

Explore Air Drone a new innovative drone that will blow your mind. Kindly read through this article.

What is Explore Air Drone?

Explore Air Drone is a portable, electronic drone device, that lets you take cool videos and pictures from a unique aerial view. This drone contains all the amazing features any drone of its caliber would have an more.

With this drones 4k camera resolution for all video footage, you will be amazed with the sharpness of the videos taken. Explore Air Drone can be controlled with a remote control device which is easy to use.

Improved aerial stability makes it easy for you to capture moving objects or animal from above without getting a blur image.

This article will help you know what kind of drone you need to go for and what you need to look out for when purchasing a drone.

Explore Air Drone

About Explore Air Drone

Explore Air Drone is a foldable, lightweight, luxury drone with a moderate purchase price tag that gives you all the greatness and experience a drone can give. With a few unique feature, Explore Air Drone is one of the top selling drones in the market right now.

However, this drone has an advance stability function that lets you stay stable in air and take non-blur pictures. This drone can be used when wind flow is moderate. Getting a high quality footage wouldn’t be a problem with this drone, because of its 4K camera resolution.

Also, with its dual camera and multi-picture display you can take videos from two angles simultaneously and view them from you Smartphone separately or with a split screen and you have about 15-20minutes of flight time to enjoy aerial footage or steering of the drone for fun.

Who Is This Explore Air Drone For?

Drones have become more and more popular these days, at the rate which different companies produce them across the globe.

I believe this drone is turning out to be very valuable for nature lovers and professionals in filming, surveying, photographers, and even for security purposes.

This drone comes at a cheap price compared to other brands, but still provides you with amazing features. However, with the increase in production of this gadget, if you happen to be a photographer, cinematographer or just love seeing things from above, then I believe you’ll love to have Explore Air Drone by your side.

By connecting this drone to any Smartphone, you’ll be able to see the video footage from the skies. This Drone gives you flying time of 15-20minutes, most similar products don’t last this long in air.

With Explore Air Drone you’ll have the ability to steer, as well as monitor from above what’s going on from up there.

Is Explore Air Drone Worth Having?

Explore Air Drone Review

Is Explore Air Drone worth having? I believe yes. Up until now there is no drone that has come up to the level of Explore Air Drone. What I mean is that, the features you get from this drone, the flight time and the affordable price is not something you see every day.

Moreover, it has an incredible camera quality and is built from a high quality material to withstand breakage. Most expensive drones can’t take a hit, they’ll end up faulty or damaged beyond repair.

Now here is the problem, after spending all that money to get yourself a premium drone, only to find out how fragile they are. One little hitting of tree branch, building wall or even a bad landing could destroy the drone.

When you compare these expensive drones with Explore Air Drone, it’s like holding a glass and a stone. No matter how many times you hit a tree branch with Explore Air Drone, it will still function exactly like the first day you bought it.

How Does Explore Air Drone Work?

Explore Air Drone is designed with amazing features to guide you when taking awesome photos and videos.

It can spin in air and do loops for fun, and has a stability feature to take sharp pictures without shaking to cause blur.

Also you can use hand signs to make the drone take pictures or video clips of you with the smart gesture recognition control feature.

How To Operate Explore Air Drone

Operating a drone is similar to moving a toy car, but on air. The Explore Air Drone is easy to operate, you do not need any special skill to use this drone.

Just charge the battery fully for the complete flight time, then fly the drone as long as you want and the use of hand gestures to take pictures and videos are possible thanks to the smart gesture recognition control feature.

It is possible to connect the controller to your Smartphone for better navigation.

Features of Explore Air Drone

  • Smart Gesture Recognition Control: Explore Air Drone comes with an intelligent gesture recognition control that allows you make certain signs with your hands to activate a function. Gestures like ”waving your hand” can be set to make the drone automatically take a shot without clicking or pressing any button.
  • Portrait Follow: Explore Air Drone has a feature that follows an object placed on mark with just a swipe from your smart mobile phone. This action commands the camera on the drone to focus on a subject.
  • Flight Time: Explore Air Drone offers you 20minutes of flight time which is impressive compared to other drones of its caliber, that gives you half of the time or less. Longer flight time will require thousands of dollars to purchase and they may not be much difference in the flight time.
  • Trajectory Flight: This feature allows you create a path to which this drone will follow to record a video footage. Trajectory flight is aided by an APP on your smart mobile phone.
  • Dual Camera And Multi-Picture Displace: Explore Air Drone has a dual 4k HD camera that records videos at high quality at the same time and the multi-picture display allows you to split your screen and view the footage life as it videos from your Smartphone.

Explore Air Drone

The Benefits you’ll get when using Explore Air Drone.

  • With Explore Air Drone you’ll have the benefits of an advanced stability with a dedicated processor unit.
  • The remote control for Explore Air Drone is really easy to use, it gives you better flight precision.
  • There is a follow me mode for chase or hunting. This mode automatically controls the drone to follow you anywhere.
  • Explore Air Drone is built with a shock proof technology, that reduces impact to the drone that will cause serious damage.
  • This drone comes with an impressive wide camera angle of 120-degree for a wide coverage.
  • Explore Air Drone gives you a flight time of about 15-20 minutes for a fully charged battery.

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Technical Specification of Explore Air Drone

  • It has a remote control distance of about 100 meters.
  • Explore Air Drone has a built-in 6-axis gyroscope.
  • The image follow distance is in the range of 1-5 meters.
  • It has a maximum flight time of 15-20 minutes.
  • The charging time for a full charge is 2hr 30minutes.
  • The dimensions of this quadcopter folded is 136x85x60mm, when unfolded the dimension is 270x260x60mm.
  • Explore Air Drone comes with an in-built 4K HD camera.
  • A built-in barometer to ensure that the drone flies to a certain altitude during take-off that is safe to switch to manual control.
  • A path flying feature which enables the user to create a route on the screen which the drone will automatically move to.
  • Explore Air Drone has an optical flow positioning feature that allows the drone to mark a target to which it’s to follow anywhere.
  • MV Editing; This is an app that lets you enhance the quality of your videos or photos before sharing them to families and friends.
  • Smart gesture recognition control; This feature lets you make signs with your hand that will act as command to the drone to take photos or start a video.

What Comes In The Box With Explore Air Drone

Explore Air Drone comes with a sleek package with added goodies.

  • It has a coated storage bag that prevents your drone from collecting dust when not in use.
  • A 4 spare propeller blade for replacement.
  • A USB cable for charging.
  • A battery.
  • A screwdriver for fixing propellers, and a user manual (Written in English).

Explore Air Drone Review


  • Explore Air Drone is portable, durable and easy to control.
  • It is affordable.
  • Explore Air Drone provides advanced stability for easy flying experience.
  • 4K camera for high quality footage.
  • It has a smart gesture recognition control.


  • It can only be purchased online and might be running out of stock.

Who is the supplier of the product?

As a side note, we think it‘s important you know who produces this device.
The manufacturer and retailer of the Explore Air Drone is Hyper SLS LTD, which is also known in Europe as Novads OU (Estonia). The base of the company is in Hong Kong, the European base is in Estonia.
International Office:Hyper Sls Ltd7/F,
The Grande Building
398–402 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Explore Air Drone

Support Team Contacts

email at support@hyperstech.com or by telephone under International: +44 20 3808 9234, available 24h Brazil: +552135003992, available between 9:00am to 14:00pm, Monday to Friday (Brazil Time, GMT-5)

Final Thoughts

For a first timer or a person new to the drone photography business, Explore Air Drone is the good choice. The Explore Air Drone is easy to operate, you do not need any special skill to use this drone.

Just charge the battery fully for the complete flight time, then fly the drone as long as you want and the use of hand gestures to take pictures and videos are possible thanks to the smart gesture recognition control feature.

It is possible to connect the controller to your Smartphone for better navigation.

If you are looking for a cool cheap valuable gift to give a friend or your kid that won’t disturb your pocket, Explore Air Drone could help you with that.

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