You must really love beer, to want to make it yourself. Making your own beer can be wonderful and fun, being able to create your own tasty recipe can be epic. But first, you need to know the basics in making beer.

Firstly, you should know that beer making requires closure or private location because of its strong odor when fermenting. When making beer, you can run the regular beer recipe or create your own flavor by trying different grains to enhance texture or flavor, maybe both.

A Review on How to Make Beer At Home Easy

Now, there are few items needed before you can start brewing away!

  • You’ll need 2-liter bottle (X12) or smaller plastic bottles that will be equal to the 2-liter bottle with twist on caps.
  • A 10 gallon plastic bucket with lid, and a 74” siphon hose tube with hose clamp.
  • You’ll also need a thermometer, a hydrometer and a large pot.

This is all the items you’ll need in making beer.

How to Make Beer At Home Easy

The Ingredients You Need

One of the key ingredient is Malt Extract. We call it the key ingredient because it determines the type of beer you make (light, stout, or dark). This ingredient comes in a 40 ounce can or a 1.5Kg tall size can, you can purchase a ”pre-hopped” Malt Extract which gives your beer a hoppy flavor. Using a pre-hopped extract will not change the recipe, it’s totally based on preference.

The next ingredient you’ll need is Yeast. When you buy a Malt Extract brand, it sometimes include a yeast packet. You will only need 1 teaspoon for the recipe so even if you want to buy the yeast separately, don’t buy too much. Remember it’s brewer’s yeast you want to use not any random yeast.

Finally, the last ingredient is Sugar, of which you can use regular white granulated sugar of 6 to 8 cups or 8 to 9 cups of corn syrup. If you want a better taste use corn syrup but if you can afford more Malt Extract, then use 2 cans of Malt Extract in place of sugar (this will give you a stronger beer flavor).

Hygiene is very necessary when making beer. Before going further, ensure to clean and sterilize your tools/items in soapy water, bleach and rinse with hot water.

Rinse effectively to get the bleach out completely then pour 2.7 gallon of cold water into your 10gallon bucket.

Now, with your large pot, boil 7.5 quarts of water and add 1 can of Malt Extract to your boiling water.

Begin to stir and boil for about 20 minutes, then add corn syrup, sugar or the second can of Malt Extract and stir effectively till it dissolves completely.

On dissolving of your corn syrup, sugar or malt extract, pour it rapidly into the bucket of cold water, this will also help it mix together properly.

Now, begin adding cold water to the bucket, you can use your 2-liter bottle if you want to full the bucket containing beer mixture.

Your room temperature should be according to the thermometer which is about 68 degrees. Next step is to sprinkle in your brewer’s yeast and stir thoroughly.

After mixing, cover the lid immediately but make sure it is not tight because it will blow off when the gas begins to ferment.

Do not open the lid for 6 days, don’t even take a peak. To have a great beer, you’ll need to keep the beer between 62 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit(°F).

After the 6th days of waiting, pick up your hydrometer and find out if your beer is ready. Make sure the hydrometer has been sterilized, then put it into your beer and give it a gentle spin to get rid of any bubble on the surface.

For a light beer, using the hydrometer you should be getting a reading of 1.008 and for a darker beer you should have between 1.010 to 1.015. If you have these values, then it’s ready to bottle, but if you do not get the value don’t be discouraged.

You just take out the hydrometer and put back the lid on for a few more days, then check again to see if you got the actual value.

Now, you’re ready to bottle. Sterilize your bottle, and place the bucket of beer on a level table.

Place a clean cloth or newspaper on the floor to catch any spill, arrange your 2-liter bottle on the clean cloth or newspaper.

Add 2 level teaspoonful of regular granulated sugar to each bottle, then use your siphon tube and siphon clamp to siphon your beer from the level table to each plastic bottle placed on the floor.

Anyone can Start Making their Own Beer

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced brewer or if you have zero idea what brewing involves… anyone can do this, it’s easy, and you can do it too.

Countless people are now starting to brew their own beer; the benefits are just too many.

Homebrewing is extremely easy, loads of fun, saves you hundreds of dollars, and is a guaranteed way to impress your friends…by giving them the best beer they have ever tasted!

What’s more, many people are turning homebrewing into a business, as many pubs are buying homebrewed beer to sell to their customers as specialty beers.

If you love beer you just cannot afford not to brew your own as soon as possible…

Things to Avoid

  • Avoid touching the sugar, you don’t want to suck sugar up into the siphon hose.
  • Don’t disturb or shake the bucket of beer on the table, it can change the taste of the beer.
  • When directing the siphon hose into the bottle, ensure to place it on the side of the bottle to avoid making froth or foam… it can also change the taste of your beer.
  • Do not fill to the brim, you are required to leave a little space for air at the top of each bottle so your beer can expand.
How to Make Beer At Home Easy

Finishing Touches

Tightly screw on your bottle caps, then shake thoroughly to dissolve the sugar you placed at the bottom of the bottle into the beer.

Put your bottles in a warm dark area for 2 to 3 days, then move to a cool dark area. At this point your beer is safe to drink after about 4 days.

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