Quiet Buds Review

New Device Brings Tranquility and Relaxation Previously Known Only to Yogis.

“Meditation is like a gym in which you develop the powerful mental muscles of calm and insight.” – Ajahn Brahm

Not long ago, I began looking into meditation techniques. At the time, I was dealing with some family issues and needed a way to cope with the stress.

Although I’m still a meditation “newbie,” I find it very rewarding. I was shocked to learn that meditation and related relaxation techniques are used by the world’s top businessmen, athletes, doctors, actors, martial arts experts and top professors of ivy league universities.

Even rock stars use meditation to tune their voices before concerts. This was their secret to great performances under pressure.

Ever since I began practicing silent meditation, I’m sleeping better and feeling less anxious and more optimistic on a day-to-day basis. If you haven’t considered meditating before, there are numerous benefits.

Quiet Buds Review
Quiet Buds Review

I think that last point is really important to think about. Nowadays people are bombarded by information, conversations, and constant noise.

For all the connectivity we share, I think it’s easy to lose touch with who we really are.  Understanding one’s self helps you function in a better way.

If you’re like me, it’s also nice just to take a break from it all and recalibrate your headspace.

Although anyone can try silent meditation, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to do. Fortunately, I got some good advice early on to help train my focus.

Get the Peace and Quiet You Need Anytime. (Quiet Buds Review)

Quiet Buds Review
Quiet Buds Review

During silent meditation, any sound can be a distraction, be it traffic noise, a neighbor’s barking dog, or a cell phone ringing in the next room. Starting out, there were days when I just couldn’t do it.

Even at home, things were never seemingly quiet enough. I mentioned this to a friend. He suggested picking up a set of QuietBuds. What are QuietBuds? They are specially-designed earplugs that help mute out unwanted sound.

I was curious. Although it may not be the conventional way to meditate, if it helped redirect my focus, the small investment would be worth it.

I ordered them online and they shipped to me right away. When the package arrived, I didn’t know what to expect.

“The product ended up revolutionizing my daily routine and improving my mental state.”

The Product That Single-Handedly Helped Me Block Out Noise and Distractions.

Quiet Buds Review
Quiet Buds Review

First off, these aren’t the typical earplugs you find at the local drugstore. You know, the squishy ones that tend to fall out easily.

As I took them out from the zippered protective pouch they came with (a nice bonus!), I noticed the sleek, stainless steel appearance made them seem very high-tech and futuristic.

The package includes 3 different interchangeable cores for controlling noise at different volumes. All I had to do was twist off the cap to insert the desired filter. Simple.

I placed them in my ears and was immediately surprised by how comfortable they were. They even felt better than the expensive music buds I’ve been using for the past year. But the most impressive thing was their functionality.

The Commute Cores effectively block out annoying traffic noise.

As well as blocking out the sound you don’t want, QuietBuds also lets in the sound you do, such as the voice of someone addressing you directly. I love these when going to and from work every day, as the noisy bus didn’t do very much for my headaches and stress.

The Concert Cores prevent high decibels from damaging your ears during live music events and provide a happy medium between the Commute Cores and complete silence.

The Ocean Quiet Cores reduce sound for sleep and meditation.

These were the ones I was really excited to try out. Within seconds, I was set up to give the Ocean Quiet Cores a test. I closed my eyes and pictured a beach ball inflating and collapsing with my every breath. I was quickly immersed in the sound of my breathing. For the first time in months, I was in a state of total relaxation.

Sometimes the simplest changes can make the biggest impact on our lives. As I’ve gotten more comfortable with QuietBuds’ sound filtering capabilities, I’ve even started to branch out and refine my “mindfulness” routine.

Quiet Buds Review

Now, I can sit in my parked car outside the office with the Ocean Quiet cores in place. I close my eyes and breathe for 10 minutes. It boosts my energy better than a strong cup of afternoon coffee.


The Commute Cores allow me to stroll outside for walking meditation practice. QuietBuds dampen the sound enough for me to focus on my body movements wherever I may be. I’m so glad that QuietBuds came in a set of three different cores.

The QuietBuds have proven so helpful, I purchased a set for a friend who had been complaining of stress and she told me how much relaxation she was able to experience— the most she had ever felt in her life.

She even got her other friends on board with silent meditation and now everybody is asking me about QuietBuds.

I was going to send her the link to where I bought mine, and when I double-checked, I realized that they had a massive sale going on. What better time than now to give the gift of peace.

But because they had become so popular, there’s a good chance that they could sell out, so if you want to experience the benefits of silent meditation, the time to act is now!

Quiet Buds Review: Silence is a Good Habit: Start Today

Quiet Buds Review

“To understand the immeasurable, the mind must be extraordinarily quiet, still.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti on Meditation

I’m not saying meditation is the answer for everybody, but for me, I look forward to it as my mental cleanse.

Just that little bit of quiet time each day has been a very good thing for balancing my overall mood.

I can’t help thinking the world would be a better place if we all took the time to try a little more self-reflection. Not everyone meditates, but I can see how QuietBuds could have all sorts of applications for different people.

QuietBuds Review
QuietBuds Review
  • Anyone who spends time around loud equipment including power tools, lawnmowers, tractors, etc.
  • Anyone who loves going to small clubs for live shows or who works in venues with loud music.
  • Anyone who normally blasts music during exercise.
  • Anyone who appreciates quiet time during their travel or commute.
  • Anyone who wishes to enjoy the benefits of silent meditation.

Whether you, your friends, or your family members desire protection, privacy, or meditative enlightenment, QuietBuds are the perfect accessory for blocking out the unwanted elements.


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