Sleeping in the night can be difficult for people who don’t have a comfortable cool pillow, because the heat generated from the side of your face in contact with the surface of the pillow is always disturbing making you roll from one end to the other.

Your body does this motion in other to find a cool surface to rest on, which relaxes the brain and the entire body.

Now, there is no ordinary pillow out there in the market that can give you continuous cool feeling when resting your head on it. But with Sleepcool you can get a good night sleep. Sleepcool, an innovative designed material made to keep your head cool when sleeping.


SleepCool is a lightweight, foldable material with cooling gel inside the material that keeps it cool at all times.

It is meant to keep you cool all through the night as you sleep. One of the major reasons people don’t sleep well at night is because they feel too hot at night, which wakes them in the middle of the night or make them toss and turn around while trying to get a little sleep.

We all know that not getting enough sleep can cause serious illness, both short term and long term. But with Sleepcool you can sleep longer and wake up when your body naturally wants to wake up happy and energized.

SleepCool makes sleeping easy


Sleepcool is a lightweight, foldable material with cooling gel inside the material that keeps it cool at all times. It is accompanied with a pillow. In this busy world that we are in today it is important to get a good night sleep.

Lack of concentration, slow reflex, impaired judgment, frustration, health problem and bad memory these are what could go wrong when you don’t get enough sleep.

The major reason why people don’t get good sleep is usually being too hot or an uncomfortable pillow, these reasons can be ruled out with SleepCool.

Sleepcool on the other hand grants you a nice and cool surface to lay your head and sleep comfortably.


This is very easy, place it on the surface you want to rest your head. Now, lie down in a position that the side of your face rests on the surface of the sleepcool. From here on, a good night sleep awaits you.


Researchers say that one of the most common cause of lack of sleep is being too hot. When the body is at sleep it cools down, but if it’s too hot you’ll experience turning, tossing and constant waking up. This will ensure lack of sleep or no sleep at all.

Now, how this sleepcool pillow does it’s work is actually easy. By absorbing the heat from contact surface and giving cooler surface.

This is done by the cooling gel inside of the sleepcool pillow, having a cool surface to rest your head grants your body the necessary condition it requires to cool down. A good night sleep is ensured.



SleepCool Technical Specifications Listed Below:

  • COOL GEL – Sleepcool is manufactured with a cool gel on the inside of the material, which always keeps it cool and comfortable at all time to ensure a good night sleep.
  • PORTABLE – Sleepcool is designed in such a way you can fold it small enough to fit into your backpack or suitcase.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – Sleepcool is designed to be light weighted do that you can carry it along when traveling without considering the weight.


Sleepcool has a few unique features listed below:

  • COOLING GEL : These cooling gel that is inside the sleep cool pillow does not retain heat, this means that the gel absorbs the heat from a hot surface and replaces it with a cool surface. A cool surface to rest your head on is all the body needs for a good night sleep.
  • PORTABLE : Sleep cool pillow can be taken anywhere and used anywhere because of its lightweight, foldable and portable design it is an ideal gadget for long transportation.


Most business men see sleep as a depriving factor. The body needs rest, even machines need to cool down for maintenance reasons.

Not sleeping well can cause the following kinds of issues:


When a person lacks sleep you start having slit headaches, some people are prone to headaches and migraines but most times lack of sleep can cause it too.


Fatigue is usually caused by lack of sleep. Not sleeping well at night can be caused by bad pillow, sweating at night due to being too hot. These can build up sleep in your body which make you feel tired all the time. Most drivers who lack sleep are prone to having accident, when the body aches for sleep you can’t stop it, because it’s an involuntary action. That’s why it is advised to drivers who drive at night to sleep during the day so that they can be active at night.


Lack of sleep can affect your agility. That’s why athletes are advised to sleep well before a game, This is to ensure full agility. When your brain is lacking sleep it slows down reflex, this could be harmful when you trip and fall face flat. When you know you could have caught yourself halfway down.


Decision making is very necessary, but lack of sleep can affect your judgment especially if you work in an engineering site. For example a worker who lacks sleep can make a bad decision at work and get himself and others seriously injured. Thinking things through requires a less stressed mind and the major way to relieve stress is by getting a good sleep.


Lack of sleep can also lead to bad memory. The way a person learns and retains information can be affected by lack of sleep. After obtaining information into the brain its only normal to have a good sleep to retain that information.


Asides being drunk or on drugs lack of concentration can also be caused by loss of sleep. The brain can never be focused if you have not rested it enough, the body cools down when you are fast asleep. This can be attained when you are in a comfortable position on a cool surface. Sleepcool provides you with a cool surface, positioning yourself is left to you.


Sleepcool benefits us in various ways:

  • IT’S VERY COMFORTABLE – Many people who use sleepcool pillow say it feels nice and cool even when it’s hot at night, they were able to get a good night sleep. With this pillow you can ensure a better sleep than what you are having now.
  • EASY TO FOLD AND PACKAGE – Sleepcool is really portable, you can just fold it up and put it in any bag available. Some people said when traveling by train that sleepcool came in handy, giving them a good sleep even with all the noise around them.
  • IT HELPS REDUCE GENERAL SORENESS – We discovered that sleepcool pillow can reduce soreness. Soreness can develop from one small damage to a soft tissue, this can heal faster if you place this pillow around that area and sleep comfortably.
SleepCool sets you in the perfect sleep mood


  • Sleepcool is lightweight and portable.
  • If you purchase multiple package, you get a high discount rate.
  • It contains a cooling gel that cools any surface.
  • It helps reduce health issues.


  • It can only be bought online and is limited.


“I tried SleepCool for the first time last night and I slept better than I have in months. It wasn’t freezing cold to be uncomfortable, but it was the right temperature to stop my pillow from warming up. So happy”. – Sam P.   

“If I could give this mat 10 stars I would. I’ve always found it hard to get to sleep because it’s just too hot, but now I no longer wake up several times covered in sweat. I’ve recommended them to family and friends”. – Max Y.

“My daughter suffers from headaches and she struggles to sleep them off. With SleepCool she can fall asleep almost immediately”. – Sierra P.


Sleepcool is an amazing accessories anyone would like to have, considering its only drawback being bought online only, I say it’s worth having. Also it can be the perfect gift to your friend’s birthday or anniversary.

After a long day of work, sleep is necessary to keep you up and running. To ensure that your sleep is not altered you need ”sleepcool” to keep experiencing nice and cool comfortable good night sleep.

It’s time to stop being a pillow flipper. Let SleepCool lull you off to sleep with the sweet relief of a cool pillow.

Remember it’s a limited product, get one for your friend or yourself, one of you needs to sleep right.

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