What is StableCam Pro?

StableCam Pro is a portable smartphone device used to takes videos and pictures anytime and anywhere with easy. Handheld proficient photography need this StableCam Pro for good video content. When it comes to dynamic film, expertly-shot, and quality pictures, no cell phone can do it better that StableCam Pro.

This is a remarkably planned cell phone gimbal that is perfect or any event with its soundness in creating professionally taking picture and recording quality, ordinary handheld gadget and smartphones can’t give you such coordination.

Many at times, moving about with your camera can be stressful, but with this new innovative single handheld StableCam Pro you can archive the same or a better result than the camera.

About StableCam Pro [StableCam Pro]

StableCam Pro is a small, elegant, and compact Smartphone, yet very powerful device. When it comes to a handy camera that give you cinematic quality video and well as a professional footage, StableCam Pro is just the device for you.

For upcoming Vlogger, StableCam Pro is an excellent choice to start with, it will give you the exact kind of stability you need to provide an expertly-shot footage. When it comes to stepping up video quality, you’ll need StableCam Pro in your arsenal to create professional footage.

You can immortalize birthdays, career promotion, and events, with this StableCam Pro by your side. Also, Stable Cam Pro is very easy to use. We all know when it comes to modern Smartphone, it’s mostly all about the picture and video quality. The kind of quality that makes you go wow!

Even for an average person, you can purchase this device and carry along with, your own personal studio in your pocket.

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Why You Need this StableCam Pro

There are so many reasons why anybody would need this StableCam Pro device. First of all, this small device has some unique features, starting with the 3 axis handheld smart-phone gimble stabilizer. This feature lets you hold it firmly in just one hand and enables you take the best of photos possible.

Secondly, it has an intelligent tracking feature that follows movements when they change position rapidly. This feature is mostly useful when photographing animals or public events, even sports. In addition, it comes with an in-built power bank that lets you charge your phone whenever you want to.

Thirdly, Stable Cam Pro has some technical enhancements that allows you take photos and videos in a professional way. There are panoramas, time-lapses and slow mode which will all lead to amazing photos.

Finally, Stable Cam Pro is lightweight and portable, making it the best tool to be by your side in other to capture epic moments or events at high quality. Stable Cam Pro is the best portable smartphone camera in the market right now, that can give you high quality pictures. Its features are intuitive and you do not need to be an expert in photographing to be able to use it.

How to use StableCam Pro [StableCam Pro]

StableCam Pro like any other smartphone camera is easy to use, this camera stabilizer combines professional film making practice with the normal using your smartphone to take beautiful pictures.

For example, When recording an event or a meeting you might be amazed with the fact that the camera moves towards the speaker or the crowd waving their hands. This is because of the motion detection feature, when traveling you can use the panoramas feature in order to capture the whole scene, with ease. Recording of the sunrise and sunset can be done with the time-lapse feature, seeing the way the sun moves will leave you speechless and amazed.

Stable Cam Pro is portable and easy to use on the go, Vloggers should consider investing in this device. When going on a vacation, trust Stable Cam Pro to capture every scene and moments sheared together. Asides being a perfect traveling companion, StableCam Pro can immortalize moments in your life you don’t want to forget.

Finally, if you are in need of a lightweight, portable and long lasting battery life camera to record all the things you and friends did during the holidays, StableCam Pro should be your number one choice.

Is StableCam Pro worth having?

Anyway, you might be an expert picture taker, but I assure you that this gadget is  worth having. On the off chance that you are a picture taker, you may concur with me that there are those occasions that you truly would prefer not to catty your substantial expert camera with you. With Stable Cam Pro, you will never again need to convey your camera in any event, when you would prefer not to.

The gadget will assist you with catching pictures and shoot recordings with the nature of an expert camera. It is smaller, compact, and lightweight, which means you can convey it to any place you need. Also in the event that you simply like taking photographs and recordings at home, at work, or when you are in the midst of a get-away, up your game with Stable Cam Pro.

Stable Cam Pro will give you video and picture quality that can’t be coordinated by any cell phone camera. This stunning bit of handheld tech will make every one of your recordings non-flimsy, stable, and true to life.

Now, I’ll like to tell you that StableCam Pro can add an extra dimension to your content creation, and for any budding videographer or student, this invaluable tool can mean the difference between smooth, professional footage and unusable, shaky filming. With a great value price and lightweight finish, the StableCam Pro is truly an everyman’s tool. Combined with its ease of use, you’ll find shooting professional footage a breeze from any Smartphone.

When you compare Stable Cam Pro with other stabilizers on the market, Stable Cam Pro is both cheap and practical. Handy enough to be thrown into a backpack and precise enough for smooth zooms and expert footage. Whatever you want to do that involves video footage or picture tacking, Stable Cam Pro is the device for you.

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Features of StableCam Pro

StableCam Pro has some amazing features which I listed below:

Tracking Feature

StableCam Pro has a clever following elements that follows developments as they occur. This is essential when taking nature photographs like birds flying and so on. This tracking feature proves useful when shooting an open occasions or meeting.

3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

StableCam Pro has a 3-Axil Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer that lets you hold the gadget with only one hand freely. Using one hand to take photos could bring out the absolute best in you.


This camera is little and compact, weighing only 485g. This simple gadget fits into large size pockets, backpacks, suitcase, pretty much anything, making it the perfect companion for long distance movement and filming or taking photos.

Long Battery Life

StableCam Pro has a long battery life that can last you up to 15 hours on a solitary charge. With this huge battery capacity you can film and take photos for a long and convenient time.

Benefits of StableCam Pro

StableCam Pro provides you with so many benefits like:

  • Stable Cam Pro is built for filming on the move, no matter the condition, this device makes light work of cobbled streets, vibration and even jumping or climbing actions to provide silky-smooth video every time.
  • Easy tracking, smooth movement, these are things Stable Cam Pro are designed to provide. No Smartphone can compare to this device when it comes to quality footage.
  • A special designed Smartphone gimbal, that is the perfect companion for traveling, this Stable Cam Pro stabilizer can help make every photo crystal clear both in the day and night. You can become the storyteller you’ve always wanted to be with StableCam Pro by your side.
  • Stable Cam Pro creates beautiful sweeping shots, design perfectly-framed imagery and style your video footage to your taste.

Special Benefits for StableCam Pro

Silky-smooth footage from the start

StableCam Pro uses Active-Track technology and built-in sensors, which makes it capable of keeping up with evens with the most extreme movements.

The thing that made us write about this gadget is that we have seen so many people struggling to get the perfect snap because of the stability. Stable Cam Pro was introduced in order to give you the stability while clicking pictures.

Stabilizing your Smartphone can help you create some truly exceptional video, without the need for bulky cameras or complicated controls associated with larger setups. One of the hallmarks of quality camera work is an effortlessly smooth zoom. StableCam Pro makes that buttery-smooth zoom an easy task, thanks to a convenient inbuilt slider that looks almost identical to what you’d produce with a traditional dolly zoom.

Film quality, at an affordable price, is what the Stable Cam Pro provides. If you’re a fan of sitting and watching the world go by, the StableCam Pro also offers functionality for creating some genuinely spectacular time-lapse footage. Whether it’s watching nature in action or capturing those rolling clouds overhead, StableCam Pro keeps your footage on-point from the first second to the last. For extra interest, the motion lapse feature allows for smooth movement even with hours of dynamic footage.

The ideal tool for streamers and vloggers

If you’re a fan of streaming, either professionally or as a hobby, the Stable Cam Pro is for you. With an extra-long battery life of up to 15 hours in a single charge and a beautify mode to keep you looking camera-ready at all times, vlogging your life has never been easier.

Simply attach your Smartphone and go; the world is your oyster. Small in stature and easy to carry, the Stable Cam Pro is anything but a burden. At a weight of only 485g, it will fit neatly in your backpack and won’t cause arm strain to carry around.

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People Who Really Need This StableCam Pro

For any photographer or videographer student looking to evolve their style and improve the quality of their content, StableCam Pro is just the ideal kit you need.

With Stable Cam Pro any videographer can soon become a professional. A box of different functionalities offer this stabilized user with an effortless footage, whether they are filming for just a few seconds or creating a content for hours.

Like I said before, for does who take streaming seriously, like the vloggers. StableCam Pro is an excellent choice for a handy camera to have, which is also very affordable.

For those just starting out, it offers an alternative to expensive equipment by upgrading your existing Smartphone. With excellent stability, you have footage you can cherish for life, with the high quality you’d want all your best memories to be preserved in.

The Stable Cam Pro is the ideal companion for memory-making, whether it’s filming events with your children, attending the next upcoming festival with friends or simply creating beautiful footage of a significant life event.

In general, from hobbyists to professionals, the Stable Cam Pro has a use for all. If you’re looking to improve your video quality or looking for a more professional torch to your video accessories, Stable Cam Pro is what you’ve been looking for.

Pros of StableCam Pro

  • StableCam Pro has a long battery life that lets you film till satisfaction.
  • It is really portable.
  • StableCam Pro grants you stable image with its 3-Axil Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer.
  • Relatively cheap, smooth movement and easy to use.
  • High quality video.

Cons of StableCam Pro

  • It can only be purchases online, and will be running out of stock soon.

Support Team Contacts

email at support@hyperstech.comor by telephone under International: +44 20 3808 9234, available 24h Brazil: +552135003992, available between 9:00am to 14:00pm, Monday to Friday (Brazil Time, GMT-5)


A special designed Smartphone gimbal, that is the perfect companion for traveling, this StableCam Pro stabilizer can help make every photo crystal clear both in the day and night. You can become the storyteller you’ve always wanted to be with StableCam Pro by your side. Take pictures with the StableCam Pro for festivals, occasions and everyday fun.

Recently, we go almost everywhere with our Smartphone to capture epic moments with friends and family. So why shouldn’t we go with the one device that provides high quality video content in minutes for you to enjoy.

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