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It is sure to the point that we realize the smart TV’s cost thousand of cash and still they provide us with less than a PC set, now and again considerably less than a tablet or cell phone in terms of entertainment.

These days it is obvious to the point that a smart TV is just a TV with internet connection. That sounds dumb right? 

This enormous amount of cash is simply to give you the comfort of browsing with your TV, which is likewise badly designed when compared with browsing with your cell phone or PC.

Indeed, there is a superior choice my friend, that will spare you a great amount of cash to deal with different things than only a Smart TV. 

The TVFix Caster streaming gadget is the thing that you ought not to miss. 

However, if you have visited any of your friends who has fallen into the updates on purchasing a smart TV, then you can easily chuckle at them, after you find this innovation called TV Fix Caster. 

There are such huge numbers of reviews out there which take a step at talking down on this product, it is clear that the large smart TV companies are attempting to play with individuals’ mind by increasing huge profit benefits of there buy on the Smart TV. In any case, today you won’t fall into their trap.

In this TV Fix Caster Review you will discover all that you have to know and not waste a dime on any smart TV. We should get straight into it, shall we?

Presenting the TVFix Caster? 

The TV Fix Caster is basically called a cheap, portable TV streaming gadget which is intended for use on any cutting edge TV that includes a HDMI cable. In spite of the fact that some TV may not have the HDMI space, anyway this cutting edge innovation has made everything straightforward. 

You can simply get a cheap VGI to HDMI connector at any store close by at a maximum of $5 and your all set. isn’t that so amazing? 

To make things understood, many individuals said it fills in as a choice to Google Chromecast. In any case, a vast majority of users said it is significantly more better than Google Chromecast in the fact it plays the same task with greater quality, better security and at a less expensive cost.

The TV Fix Caster has a 1080p High definition live streaming capacity, which has access to all your social media platform for example, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and some other thing you wish you watch on the internet without spying on you.

TV Fix Caster

The TV Fix Caster can without much of a stretch be connected with your cell phone or PC. It additionally has the choice of connecting with a tablet if you have one. This gives it a wide scope of alternatives making it to be handily utilized by any gadget. Moreover, you can connect the gadget to your friend’s TV and use it without any problem. 

Imagine getting all your preferred TV shows and movies WITHOUT paying for satellite or digital TV! 

Why pay gigantic month to month bills when you can connect your preferred shows to your extra large flat screen television, utilizing any gadget on your Wi-Fi network? If you can watch it on your phone, tablet, PC, or gaming console, you can connect it directly to your TV – without covering any bill. 

Imagine playing the games on your cell phone on the wide screen television! Imagine seeing your home recordings and photographs on the big screen! What’s more, obviously, you can watch all your preferred TV shows, as well!

How does the TV Fix Caster Work?

TV Fix is a streaming media player that connects to your TV through a HDMI cable, permitting you to stream video from your phone, tablet, or PC. The TVFix Caster utilizes the applications that are as of now on your cell phone or tablet to broadcast video to your TV. Also, it does it totally remotely over your Wi-Fi network!

This permits you to observe any content on the TV screen at High Definition.

Setting this up is extremely simple, it won’t up to a minute to set this up.This is the simplest TV streaming device you will ever use.

As you definitely know, it isn’t associated with any huge organization making it extremely simple to work on its purpose. This implies it will simply connect with just your phone and TV, promises you a 100% security and protection. 

Another significant thing it does, it keep you from squandering thousand of cash on those organizations, keeping your pocket in good shape and getting all the benefits. It is very cheap, this is on the grounds that it centers around just its function. All gratitude to the quality and brain work behind this product.

TV Fix Caster Review
TV Fix Caster Review

Specifications of the TV Fix Caster

  • Material: ABS
  • Radio Frequency: 2.4G
  • Resolution: Supports H.265/HEVC decoder, 4K (3840 *2160), and 1080P
  • Supported Video Formats: AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, RM, TS, VOB
  • Supported Audio Formats: AAC, APE, FLAC, MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA
  • Supported Photo Formats: BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG

How to Use the TVFix Caster?

This device is very easy to use. There is no research that needs to be done.  Just following the steps below;

1. Make sure you have an internet connection.

2. Plug in the TVFix Caster device to your Television.

3. Switch the TV setting to HDMI.

4. Using the internet connection, connect your phone/iPad/laptop depending on the one you are using to the HDMI plug and start enjoying your content.

The device displays everything on your phone onto the TV so it is very easy to navigate through.  This TV Fix Caster allows you to watch Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Videos, browse through facebook, and what ever you wish to watch without spying on you.

Isn’t that amazing? A device that is so cheap and easy to use can save you from wasting thousands of dollars on a smart TV and gives you a 100% privacy protection.

TV Fix Caster
TV Fix Caster

TV Fix Caster Pros and Cons

Pros TV Fix Caster

  • It is not expensive, yet produces a High Quality display with 1080p Video Streaming.
  • It is portable which makes it easy to be moved from one place to another.
  • Secure privacy protection on any video streaming.
  • Produced by private companies that do not access your data.
  • Much more better to use than the Google Chromecast.

Cons TV Fix Caster

  • You could get carried away to unplug it after using it.
  • It doesn’t produce any noise.
TV Fix Caster
TV Fix Caster

Quit Being a Victim to the Cable Companies and their Huge Monthly Bills! 

  • Watch all your preferred shows and bid farewell to cable bills once and for all!
  • Works with any Wi-Fi skilled Mac, PC, Apple iPhone/iPad, or Android gadget. 
  • Too simple to use! Simply launch the TVFix application on your gadget and begin spilling to your TV! It couldn’t be simpler! 
  • Streams full goals video to your TV, including 4K content. 
  • No remote required! Control content directly from your phone or PC. 
  • Browse the internet on your extra large flat screen television. It’s extraordinary for Facebook, Instagram, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg! 
  • No month to month bills! Only one installment, and TV Fix Caster is yours forever! 
  • Get your extraordinary 50% discount when you request now! 

Testimonials from others Users?

Saved me a fortune! I realized that over the years, I’ve paid thousands of dollars for a bunch of different channels (because they were all forcibly bundled into “packages”…), but I realized I only watched a select few. After I discovered TVFix, I realized I could stream all my favorite shows for so much less.” Thank you TVFix! – Peter S. – Montgomery, AL 

Better than cable! I love watching movies, so to think that I was spending around $200 a month just to watch the classics was mind-boggling when I discovered TVFix. Now, I have subscriptions to a few streaming services, my family and I can enjoy all of the old favorites (and some new ones) together. Plus, it’s so easy to set up and use! Highly recommended! – Esther Y. – Hartford, CT 

Great picture quality “My eyesight isn’t what it used to be, so when I found out I could watch TV shows and even read the news from my 60″ TV instead of my dinky phone screen, I immediately bought one for every TV in my house. It’s amazing how sharp the picture is and how even live-streamed sports don’t buffer or lag. I’m thinking of buying a few as gifts, the value is amazing! – Ryan D. – Albuquerque, NM 

TV Fix Caster
TV Fix Caster

Final Verdict

Wrapping this up! The TV Fix Caster is the absolute solution for anyone who wants a smart TV at home but is not comfortable paying thousands of dollars for it.

To be honest, there is no need to pay that kind of money to those companies. Besides they still do not give you the privacy you deserve when streaming contents on the internet.

The TV Fix Caster provides you with everything you need, including privacy on any content you decide to stream.

Finally the TV Fix Caster is a much better deal to take and it does work well. There is also a 30-day Money Back Guarantee if you do not wish to continue using the device.

Where can i get this TV Fix Caster

This is simple. You can easily get your TV Fix Caster directly from the manufacturer page. Ordering is very simple. Just click the button below and you will be directed straight to the official page.

There is a large percentage of discount depending on the number of items you wish to order. Take good advantage to this right now. Also there is free shipping to your door on this item.

You do not need to go get this item from any office/store, you just relax at your home and it is delivered to you.

There is no deal better than this right now. Click the button below:

*Update* TV Fix Caster is currently having an ongoing promo.
50% off your order today with free shipping.
The promo is on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you delay, you might end up missing out and paying full price.


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